Mirabell Palace Concerts - Ensemble 1756

Mirabell Palace Concerts
Exquisite concerts at the Marble Hall

With a focus on the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and in the spirit of historical performance, the concerts at Mirabell palace are played on original Rokoko instruments. Enjoy international ensembles at the Baroque Marble Hall and listen to selected works of baroque, classic and romantic composers in a lively, authentic interpretation.

The baroque Marble Hall of Mirabell Palace is one of the most beautiful and historically significant concert halls in Salzburg. The Mozart family once played here for the archbishops of Salzburg. Today the Marble Hall hosts soloists and ensembles, who through their skills carry on in the spirit of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Salzburg's music tradition.

The Marble Hall at Mirabell Palace

Concert dates and ticket prices

The concerts take place daily and last 1:40 hour including a short break.

  • Tickets are available in two categories. Discounted prices apply to children up to the age of 14 and pupils and students up to the age of 26. Children under the age of six are not permitted at the concerts.
  • Admittance is approximately 30 minutes before the concert starts. Admission after the start of the concert is only possible during the break.
  • Wheelchair access: The Marble Hall is located on the 1st floor, access by elevator is possible.
  • Dresscode: Smart casual. We ask that you dress appropriately for the occasion.

Category I 45.00 €
Category II 39.00 €
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Per person .00 €
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Ensembles and soloists

Selected, classic concerts with renowned artists and ensembles in one of the most beautiful halls in Salzburg are the hallmarks of the Mirabell Palace concerts. Playing among others:

Ensemble 1756

Ensemble 1756 - Mirabell Palace Concerts

Mozart’s 250th birthday was used as an opportunity to found the Orchestra 1756 in 2006. The ensemble devotes itself to the interpretation of music between 1750 and 1800. The unique Mozart sound originates from intensive occupation with the stylistics of the 18th century, historic instruments and balanced formations of musicians.

Ensemble Altenau

Ensemble Altenau - Mirabell Palace Concerts

The Altenau ensemble consists of five experienced chamber musicians. Their specialty is music from the 18th and late 19th centuries. The Ensemble is internationally renowned and its soloists perform on a high level.

Constanze Quartett

Constanze Quartett - Mirabell Palace Concerts

The Constanze Quartet, named after the widow of W. A. ​​Mozart, consists of four internationally known and ambitious chamber musicians. Salzburg is the ideal ground for inspiration.

Parlante-Ensemble Salzburg

Parlante Ensemble Salzburg - Mirabell Palace Concerts

Parlare – to speak – means to make music intelligible. To find a language that does not use words. The Parlante Ensemble makes music a touching experience.

Quintett Mirabell

Quintett Mirabell - Mirabell Palace Concerts

The Mirabell Quintet is dedicated to the Viennese classical period. The Quinter plays chamber music on historical instruments, and successfully represents the genre.

accio piano trio

accio piano trio - Mirabell Palace Concerts

The accio piano trio is internationally known and has been published several times.

Notturno Salzburg

Notturno Salzburg - Mirabell Palace Concerts

Eponymous for the Ensemble Notturno Salzburg is Notturno Op. 21 by Wenzeslav Matjegka (which was adapted by Franz Schubert, he added a cello part). Notturno Op. 21 is the core of the Ensemble, alongside with selected compositions by Boccherini, Mozart, Viennese classic and the Romantic era.

Mirabell Chamber Ensemble

Mirabell Chamber Ensemble - Mirabell Palace Concerts

The Mirabell Chamber Ensemble was founded in 2018 and performs a wide range of chamber music pieces. They play piano quartet and piano concerts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, chamber music works by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms as well as trios and piano quartets by Joseph Haydn and Gustav Mahler.

Varied, authentic - typical Salzburg: the Mirabell Palace Concerts!

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